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March 28th, 2012, 00:53
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
WTF is the navmesh bug? No posts on the Bethesda forums can describe it English for some reason. All I see are links to 7:30 long videos. No wonder Bethesda has taken so long to fix a problem that the modders can't even succinctly describe in words.
Long story short : it screws NPC's pathfinding in any user created "levels"/dungeons/houses when the player comes back to one of these custom places a second time.

The first time you visit such a place, NPC walks around as they should, and your followers… follow your character obediently. But move out (at least two cells away for Skyrim, if memory serves) and when you return all the NPC just stand there like statues… AND your followers will stop walking pretty soon too.

Not being a native speaker, there's most certainely a more concise and better way to describe it, but that's it, basically.

It's naturally quite a demotivating bug for any modders bent on sharing more interesting stuff than suposedly sexy bikini armors…
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