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March 28th, 2012, 22:43
Originally Posted by CountChocula View Post
So you started to run out of content and the "adventure pack" is like a DLC?
You can get all the way to level 20 running free content, but you won't want to. Purchasing an adventure pack is very similar to DLC--basically access to new areas with new quests. They've got a method built into the game (favor) that rewards you with free Turbine Points, so by running the free content on elite to get the favor you'll actually earn enough points to purchase an adventure pack or two. There's actually a player scam for gaining favor on an account (it's completely kosher, but I call it a "scam" because it's a kinda cheesy technique) to generate extra Turbine Points, which takes nothing but time and a willingness to grind.

Although I've spent somewhere around $200 with Turbine, I've been playing DDO for two years now and haven't wanted to purchase more than a couple other games in that time. My "dollars per gaming hour" is as good or better than your typical single player game and my "annual gaming budget" might actually be a little less than before I got into DDO.

Realistically, it's not a free game, but they don't milk ya unreasonably and it can be played completely free if ya really insist.
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