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March 29th, 2012, 02:10
I won't pretend to speak for everyone, but no thanks. If you want a site that covers console-exclusive RPGs, check out…oh, I don't know…every other site out there? Part of what makes RPGWatch a great site to visit is that it caters to a niche crowd, one that has lost just about all relevance in the mainstream market. This site - along with Gamebanshee - are about the only RPG news outlets that are PC-centric, and covering console-only games in addition to PC games would take away from that focus. Dhruin and the other admins/staff do a great job of covering multi-platform RPGs and releases that are AAA, small indie projects, or anything in between, but they are almost always Western RPGs or have a PC version. I wouldn't mind seeing a few (very) rare exceptions to the "PC rule" - such as Demon's/Dark Souls (which has been covered here, by the way) and Dragon's Dogma (two console-exclusive RPGs that have some basic similarities to CRPGs/WRPGs) - but other console-exclusive RPGs wouldn't fit in with the theme and tastes of this site at all and would only serve as unnecessary clutter. Console-exclusive RPGs get enough coverage on console-centric sites; RPGWatch doesn't need to become one of them and lose what makes it a unique site.
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