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March 29th, 2012, 01:10
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
I think there are enough other sites that support console gamers…
But none that are quite as nice or as specialized as the Watch. If they do exist, I'm not aware of them. Surely there isn't a site that gives you daily news like the Watch does strictly for games in the RPG genre. That's what makes this site unique and great. It's an RPG-only site and not a lot of sites out there are like that. Only problem is it's missing console news.

The whole reason I joined this site is because I thought it was the one-stop place for all RPG news all the time. But now I find that they don't cover console RPGs. I don't see why. It wouldn't take that much extra effort really, and could possibly make the site even better than what it already is. I know I would personally donate to the site if they covered console RPGs. Hell, I am thinking about donating now and I don't even play PC RPGs. That's how good I think this site is. But I think they're really missing out on the console market that they could be tapping into. There's more people like me out there who want that one-stop RPG center, but they play their RPGs on consoles…
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