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March 29th, 2012, 04:15
No, Please don't do that. I joined the watch because to me it's one of the last places where you could get news and chat in a mature way (most of the time) about pc Rpg's. (my favorite hobby)

You can go to pretty much every other site and get more than your fill of console games. Every time a game is released 90% of coverage and reviews are console version. There is no shortage of console info elsewhere.

Really I'd hate to see the teen console crowd here at the watch. Yes, I'm aware that not just teens play consoles but really go read some of the comment sections of some other sites. There flooded with people lobbing profanity laced jabs at each other. So and so is a p**** , Your a f*****.

Really i'd hate to see that at the watch.

Maybe i'm just talking doom and gloom here but I feel they've built something pretty nice here at the watch and am glad I got to become a part of it.

I would hate to see that change.
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