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March 30th, 2012, 09:39
A couple of comments from my perspective.

First, "console" games aren't excluded (at least, not intentionally) - our agreed mandate is western RPGs. It happens that most are on PC and console ones are often jRPGs.

Why western RPGs? Because that's what I like. I don't use a console and have no experience with console-only games. I've never played a jRPG for more than a few hours. That means I don't have any context for their coverage - I don't know the IPs, the developers, the publishers, the players in the industry, the issues, the history…this makes it difficult to know what is interesting and what it all means.

But most importantly, I don't care - they aren't my thing.

I spent several years trying to keep MMO coverage afloat because we covered them but the staff turn over was a problem. I'm not interested in MMOs in the slightest. No, I don't care that SW:ToR (or insert favourite game) is so good and can be played solo - it isn't my thing. I simply don't care to return to a time where I spend hours every day doing something I have no interest in.

Can someone else do it? Sure! If someone has the passion and time, let me know, and we can discuss it. However, I'm not going to keep it going when you get busy.

On the other hand, I like keeping it simple. When I go to GameBanshee (an excellent site!) there's a bunch of MMO coverage I'm not going to read. It annoys me. I like the idea of a site that (almost) purely covers western/PC RPGs without having to skip the other stuff.

I could definitely see a "weekly jRPG roundup" (or similar) that provides some coverage but doesn't overwhelm our core mandate - but I'm not going to do it. If jRPGs are your passion, drop me a line.
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