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March 31st, 2012, 16:35
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
You can't have been paying attention. There is no C&C - as long as you complete all quests, you'll get enough points to get the standard three-choice ending no matter what the outcome is of any quests. Whether you get 7000 rating or 5000 rating is completely irrelevant, as neither one is enough to get the bonus ending without multiplayer.

Spoiler – Example
Geez, you just proved my point: "There is no C&C - as long as you complete all quests". Getting the bonus isn't forced on you. You ask for choices, they are there. You can make the choice of having a low EMS (lots of people did in fact). Ignoring their existence because you want what you believe is the best ending doesn't mean they don't exist.

As for the other thing, forcing a certain X to be available to get a specific ending would be similar to BioWare only allowing Paragon to finish the game…
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