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March 31st, 2012, 21:49
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
It is connected to C&C:
  • It depends of your EMS level. EMS gathering is heavily connected to the choices you made in all 3 games. And that include the choice of playing or not playing DLCs.
  • If your EMS is too low, the only choice you have at the end is connected to your ME2 final choice (i.e. what you did to the Collector Base).
  • And the ending is a choice itself.
Also, TIM last discussion depends on your interaction with him through all of ME3 (paragon/renegade choices). Miss one (the first one is easy to miss) and you won't have the same outcome.

Also, people might not like the presentation and the lack of conclusion, but all the choices at the end have extremely different outcomes for the future Galaxy. If that is not C&C I don't know what is…
Well according to established lore …

Spoiler – What we know so far

Some choice huh?
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