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April 1st, 2012, 09:41
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What you saw in arrival was that hurling a huge asteroid at a tremendous speed at the functioning and unique Alpha relay broke its structure and the dark energy/mass effect core reaction of the relay with nothing to control it went into an all-consuming supernova-esque chain reaction big enough to wipe out an adjoining system.

In ME3 you see the mass relays first directly transmitting a pulse/signal across the galaxy to their partner relays and it looks pretty much like the same signal/pulse the catalyst broadcast over earth. After sending the signal to another mass relay you then see the relay sending the signal in a radius that spans millions or even billions of systems. After the signal is sent the spirals stop and there no longer even seems to be a dark energy/mass effect core reaction left in the relay, you see different parts of the relay's structure falling apart and separately exploding/selfdestroying. It looks nothing like the all-consuming chain reaction from arrival.

The scale of the detonation of the alpha relay's core in arrival(a system) is microscopic next to the nearly billions of systems each relay's signal reaches. You see the people on earth unaffected by the signal broadcast by the citadel(unless you have zero EMS), you see the normandy getting hit/engulfed by the pulse/signal at full speed and not be destroyed by it.

A reasonable person would not assume that the signal is destructive in nature if the people on earth are not destroyed by it, a reasonable person would not assume the normandy could resist a supernova-esque explosion, a reasonable person would not assume that the nature of the pulse sent by the relays is anything like the destructive detonation you saw in arrival, a reasonable person would not assume that the mass relays are detonating their cores and destroying the universe when everything else tells them they're saving the galaxy.

A reasonable person would not have made these assumptions based on a poorly understood event from a critically-bashed piece of DLC made for a previous game by a separate team that might even contradict previously established lore of a relay withstanding a supernova explosion.

Then again a reasonable person wouldn't have assumed I hadn't even read the post I was replying to, much less not played arrival.
Okay a few points:

1) The sequence of the people on Earth is showing the effect of the Crucible's initial "bubble" burst. It is only AFTER this sequence that the beam is transmitted to the Charon relay starting the chain reaction. No scenes are shown of Earth afterwards so we have to go with established lore.

2) The Arrival may have been a DLC but the whether or not you played the DLC the game assumes that you did by starting ME3 with Shepard in house arrest. In ME3 the Arrival DID happen so we have to go with established lore.

3) I agree that the cinematics of the destruction of the Alpha relay and the destruction of the relay in the ending of ME3 are different. However, as I pointed out before, the game makes no attempt to discourage what we learned about the result of destroying a Mass Relay (Youtube clip - go to 31 minutes). If the Crucible's destruction method does not generate a the same scale of destruction as we saw in the Arrival all that was needed was a single comment from the catalyst and that would be that. However, nothing is said so we have to go with established lore.

4) If your ending generates lines of arguments like "A reasonable person would not assume…" then you've failed as a story teller. If your ending creates mass conspiracy theories like this Indoctrination Theory then you've failed as a story teller. You can make an open ending, fill it with mystery and you can keep your audience guessing but you can not start by saying: "This is the definitive end of the Shepard story" and then leave it with what we have now without having it being considered a humongous cock-up.

If the Indoctrination Theory turns out to be true and then ending we saw only took place in Shepard's head then Bioware played a really dirty trick and have consequently made a huge dent in their reputation.

If it is just a theory then Bioware seriously dropped the ball regarding the ending and have consequently made a huge dent in their reputation.

In either case Bioware f*cked up big time with the ME3 ending and time will tell if they'll be able to recover. I know I've been put on guard and they need to do some serious damage control if they're going to win me over to the fanboy club again.
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