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April 1st, 2012, 23:36
BioWare seems to be getting mixed up, as of late, between the roles of producer and consumer in business. Such confusion is apparent in the "artistic integrity" flap raised by Bioware in connection with Mass Effect 3, and in the "innovation" flap BioWare raised in connection with Dragon Age II.

Art and innovation are product elements that can enhance product value in the video game industry, just as art and innovation can enhance product value in traditional industries such as the automotive industry. Nevertheless art and innovation are only valuable to the extent that they benefit the customer, and are valued by the customer. Successful businesses traditionally determine the customer value of product art and product innovation by research and testing prior to introducing a new product into the marketplace.

BioWare apparently doesn't understand that business does not, and cannot, dictate product value to its customers. To the contrary, it is customer choice that dictates product value, and business value in turn. The video game industry is no exception.

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