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April 2nd, 2012, 19:02
Actually to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed by this Brian Fargo Inxile - Chris Avellone Obsidian collaboration. Because I was waiting a brand new crowd funding project from MCA and Obsidian. They have the name rights of Icewind Dale, they can license D&D and Forgotten Realms from WotC (since Overhaul did it), they have an in-house developed engine called Onyx, tons of RPG developing experience under their sleeves and crowd funding is very popular now. It's perfect time for Icewind Dale 3. What are they waiting for?

I'm thinking maybe Fearqus Urquhart lost his interest to old RPG gameplay. Since he stated in one of his interviews last year that party-based tactical gameplay and detailed character creation screens are things of the past. I hope I'm wrong.
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