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April 3rd, 2012, 11:57
Originally Posted by Styg View Post
So last week I set down and implemented a turn based combat mode.
Assuming this isn't an April Fool's joke (as it was posted on 1st of April), I congratulate you on your decision to go turn-based with combat. Two thumbs up! Now I'm doubly interested in this game.

I'll caution you to stick with one combat system and not make two different systems (turn-based AND real time) act together. Two systems will terribly complicate your game design and will most likely not work all that well (balancing encounters to both systems would be sheer hell, I'd wager). Look how badly it affected Arcanum, for example.

Question about your action points mechanic. Why have separate points for actions and movement? Isn't that a needless complication, perhaps? Wouldn't one set of action points suffice, which are used for both actions and movement. Just wondering, mind you, not trying to change your design. I understand that separating them will allow having things that are fast moving (lot of MP) but not that fast acting (few AP), and vice versa, but I still think it's a needless complication. Just MHO.
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