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April 3rd, 2012, 12:02
You can now pre-order The Age of Decadence through BMT Micro for $25. The actual process is a little bit convoluted because there isn't a finished product, so make sure you read this post at the Iron Tower forums in full. In short, paying $25 now helps fund the development, with the actual game anticipated in 2013. BMT will send you links to the game - which are placeholders - and you'll be able to download when the game is ready:
You can now pre-order AoD, should you choose to do so. Here’s the link:


We’re using BMT Micro, a payment processor which is fast and safe. I used it myself when I bought Eschalon (Thomas’ game) and it’s used by several indie companies.

Why now?

We were asked quite often to start taking pre-orders. We didn't want to do it until everyone had a chance to play the full demo and experience the game. Now, after two demos, you know exactly what we're offering.

You know what we delivered, you know what we’re fixing, you know what to expect. You like what you see and feel it's worth 25 bucks? Show us your support. You don't like what you see? Have doubts? Buy yourself a pizza instead. It's cool.

When to expect?

2013. We’re probably a year away. You can judge the progress by the demo – it has all the features except for Alchemy. All the areas are done and some were shown before, but as you know, we prefer to take our time and do it right. Or at least what we consider to be ‘right’.

Why are you asking us to pre-order?

First, to show your support. Second, to help us. For example, Nick’s (our programmer) computer just died. He’s using an old box for now, but we’ll have to get him a new one. It would be nice to be able to do so without dipping into personal savings. Also, Nick has to make a living by teaching (yeah, he’s a bright guy) in a computer academy. It would really help us if he didn’t have to teach and could focus on AoD full time. Same goes for Oscar and Ivan. Third, it would be nice to recover past expenses (like Torque’s license - $1,000) and help with the current one. Our bandwidth went from 70-120GB to 220-250GB in the last two months. Etc.
Head over for additional donations and other details.
More information.
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