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April 3rd, 2012, 22:51
I tend to have a favourable bias towards independent games such as AOD. However, I am disappointed with this particular game. It feels too much like a stat/min-max game. It seems you basically have two options: You play all-dialogue with few battles, with missions that are resolved around the fact that you put enough point in the various social skills. Or you play all combat and put every skill points you get your hands on in the combat skills. And you better put your point in the «right» combat skills or you will have your ass kicked faster than you can imagine.

The game has very little exploration. It’s very straightforward. In fact, it often feels more like a combat simulator than a real game. Walking around with the poor camera system is a chore. Of course, you don’t do it often because dialogues often teleport you around.

The lore, the background is interesting. Even the combat mechanisms are pretty cool themselves even if unbalanced. They just took some very questionable design decisions. I read a lot on the forums of the game to try understanding these decisions. The only explanation I found is that they want to cater to masochist players who don’t mind and even enjoy reloading countless time.
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