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April 5th, 2012, 18:20
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Can someone enlighten me as to what similar projects in scope have for budgets? For example, what were the budgets for Fallout and Fallout 2? How about Baldur's Gate and Planescape? What kind of budgets do more modern RPG's have: dragon age: origins, Risen, or maybe Divinity 2?
Fallout 1 had a budget of $3-5 million, depending on what you include exactly. Fargo mentioned it being $3 million recently but 3-5 is the number he gave me. Between its reboots and huge cost-sink in talking heads and voice-overs, it's a pretty high budget for the time.

BioWare RPGs generally have a budget of $30-40 million. That's including publishing and PR and VO cost, three of the most expensive factors. I dunno about Origins coz it had such a long development time. Risen and Divinity 2 have smaller budgets (Piranha Bytes is like a 25-30 man studio).

If they reach $2.5 million, that's a fine budget without VO and publishing overhead and PR and the like. As long as you don't expect graphics much better than Fallout's, and not a lot of voice-work or any cinematics.

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Kickstarter & Paypal?

Originally Posted by vurt
The problem is that creating mod tools usually takes a really long time, that's why most devs doesnt support it, it's not within the budget usually.
It also takes away a ton from the development time, which is why Fargo has been very wary about promising it as an at-or-near release feature. With no engine selected yet, it's very up-in-the-air what they'll be able to do. inXile doesn't really want to promise anything they can't do.
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