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April 5th, 2012, 21:07
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Having browsed some reviews, it seems that the GPU compute performance (GPGPU applications, CUDA and the like) is significantly worse than a GTX580. I was thinking of upgrading my GTX480, but I need both double prec. GPU compute perf (for CUDA simulations) and a good gaming experience (for me . Anandtech pretty much confirms the sacrifice of GPU compute perf for gaming performance in Kepler. Although they (or someone…can't remember where I say that) hint that there may be a later generational update which adds some back? Also, the drivers could be optimized somewhat more. I'll wait to see what happens….
Oh definitely. This is a straight up gaming card and they sacrificed GPU compute performance. The scary thing is, the die is smaller so it should be cheaper to have TSMC manufacture it, right? Well, I had read(can't seem to find it now) that nvidia was bitching there is no money to be made at the 28nm node. Which means either production or yields are lacking.

Anyhoo GK110, nvidia's upcoming flagship, is supposed to see a hard launch sometime between sept - dec. Oh and it's big at a rumored 6 billion trannies.


Some rumors have it as improving GPU compute and others have it as simply a larger version of GK104.
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