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April 6th, 2012, 18:59
I don't intend to follow Neverwinter but IGN has a preview and video, which might be worth a look if you want to see what happened with the MMO conversion following the sale of Cryptic to Perfect World:
All the powers come together to make combat that plays out more akin to an action-RPG like Kingdoms of Amalur or ArenaNet's upcoming Guild Wars 2. The rogue might start a fight against multiple enemies with by coming out of stealth with an Encounter ability, then switch up to their At-Will powers to get in some extra damage. Just as the enemy brings their sword down the rogue then uses their Utility power to roll away, perhaps finishing off the fight with their Daily, which quickly teleports them from target to target, dealing massive damage to each. Fights in Neverwinter are far more exciting than, say, World of Warcraft, and pay enough homage to D&D to (hopefully) hook its fans. Additionally you only ever have to worry about seven abilities at a time, making Neverwinter much more approachable than other MMOs.
More information.
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