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April 6th, 2012, 23:06
Originally Posted by Lemonhead View Post
Sure but the Witcher is a realtime action RPG with stellar graphixxxx(for it's time) and quicktime event based combat. WL2 is a turnbased topdown partybased rpg with graphics that will most likely be considered dated by the masses.
It's also 4 years old, translated from Polish and released by a small European developer.

What do you base your estimate on? Do you have data on recent high-profile turn-based RPGs with well known developers working on them selling very poorly?
Hardcore strategy games from Paradox Interactive like the Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis series sell several 100K's and I can't imagine that Wasteland 2 will have less appeal than such games.

I mean really, 50K is extremely poor sales. Only a completely abysmal game that was ripped to shreds by critics before release or an indie game from an unknown developer would sell such low numbers.
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