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April 7th, 2012, 11:10
The old screenshots look good, but the colors are sterile and don't fit this kind of game very well.

I definitely prefer the new ones. They have a LOT more personality and fit the Gothic mood perfectly. That said, it's not an oppressing atmosphere like it was in the first Diablo - and it would be interesting to see Blizzard do a truly serious game at some point.

But that's not really what they're about and I wouldn't expect that from them now. Their artists are dedicated to this cartoon style and they're incredibly gifted in that way. They want to ensure that the game looks good years down the line, which is almost impossible without this kind of stylised art. Certainly, I have a hard time imagining a mature and foreboding atmosphere handled in this way, though I suppose it's possible.

In any case, I don't worry about the looks of the game. I think it looks great - especially in motion. That said, D3 visuals aren't the road to awe.




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