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April 7th, 2012, 22:58
Originally Posted by Zloth View Post
No, it means when you press a button something happens. I'm still not sure what the Hades that's supposed to mean, though. What game - heck, what program has you giving input without something happening on the screen?? It's been too long since I played Anachronox to remember it's combat system. He's saying Jagged Alliance 2 is a positive example, though, and that was more turn based. <shrug>

I agree with him a lot more when he talks about the second point - variety. That's definitely true.

I would put long-term strategy in there, too. When you're building up, the RPGs that I like most will let me mix and match the various skills to make a strong over-all strategy. Maybe that will be done with the skills of my character or maybe it will have more to do with what party members I bring along - the key is that it's my strategy. A game where you can go the archer route, the wizard route, or the fighter route is not nearly as fun as a game where you have several skill trees and need to combine them effectively to make a strong character.
I was saying that in semi-jest. There really are too many different rpg combat systems to think you can come up with one sure fire formula to good rpg combat.

To me though this has nothing to do with whether or not the rpg combat will be good:

"Responsive pace means that when you press the button to have something happen, that thing happens quickly."

That would rule out turn based and RTWP combat all together.
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