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April 8th, 2012, 08:49
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
The current console gen will probably still be around until xmas 2013 or some time in 2014. There is no reason to expect a sudden increase in memory demand until then. 2GB will be just fine.
That is true. I was more thinking of cases using insane ultra quality textures and tweaks in mods. i.e the first instance I hit the limit of my 1 GB 5870 (hard) was when texture modding Skyrim in conjunction to having upped the uGrid value… I'll probably be Ok at 2GB though as I doubt I'll ever game above 1920x1080… Also It is expected that the 4GB cards will be expensive due to the very fast GDDR. I am actually hoping it will be them that will make the 2GB versions more affordable.

Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
I personally favor an accelerated upgrade cycle with graphics cards anyway. I would never buy a $/€ 500 card and then hope it will last me a few years.
What works quite well for me is actually buy a slightly less than flagship card i.e the HD5870 (bought when 5890 was out I guess the same as buying a 580 when the 590 was out) on a good price and then keep it 2-3 years. But what makes it possible I guess is gaming in a 1680x1050 resolution (22") and not really caring about cutting edge shooters (RPGs are usually graphically modest and even the Witcher 2 was a breeze in that resolution and everything maxed +16AF)…

Actually the main reason I am looking at an upgrade is that I am itching to get a bigger monitor (i.e this Samsung) and I doubt that the 5870 will be up to the task at 1080p for the games (the demanding ones) I want to play for the next few months (Risen 2,Witcher 2 replay, Another Stalker COP replay with the complete mod and perhaps a Metro 2033 replay). But I just can't throw away more than 400-450 max on a graphics card these days (I'd rather give them on games and books and coffee beans ) so I will have to wait…
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