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April 8th, 2012, 16:04
Originally Posted by coyote View Post
Yawn! Great, every PC will run around in black henceforth and rogues can wear plate armour, splendid.

Also, Orlais? Really? Guess that means lots and lots of fake French accent. And given that Bioware will most likely transfer all available clichés about France into its backstory, and the US are not known for it's favourable views on France, it won't make it easy for me to care about that particular imaginary empire.

Do we get to explore only that? Interest_in_Game -= 2;
Bioware is a Canadian developer, Dragon Age 1/2 was made in Canada office. So how the US feels about France is not relevent for Dragon Age 3, when it will be Canadians that will be developing it. /shrug
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