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April 9th, 2012, 06:29
I'm not sure what a pen is in the context you used it in, but I can enlighten you as to why people don't buy pc's or laptops at retail stores. They don't want them preloaded with tons of junk on them. My laptop, which will run several different games at the same time as well as 10+ pages open is 3 yrs old and runs circles around any tablet you'll see for the next few years or so. If it had come from a box retail store, I'm sure it would run much slower or destroyed by now. I think it cost me a bit over 1k, but three years after buying it I feel like I did well.

And nowadays, my machine is nowhere near tops of the line. I've seen a couple of real beast laptops, and if and when mine dies, that's what I'll be getting. Tablets might be nice for crossword puzzles or reading purposes, but when I game I want something with some umph.

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