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April 9th, 2012, 15:13
Originally Posted by elikal View Post
BS. In KOTOR you have a good and an evil ending. In Fallout 1, 2 and 3 you had various endings. Even in DA:O you had serveral ending which refer to who you are and what you did. You just have to WANT to add that. Even if there is only one ending, you have to FEEL it matters. Like in Baldurs Gate. The bad thin in Dragon Age 2 was that Hawk was a mere spectator, more often just a victim of things. It wasn't even pretended his actions mattered in ANY case. In every single storyline, the events rolled over him and he was merely a witness. In ME3 you get a complete deus-ex-machina ending with a char who appears in the last 5 minutes for the first time. NOTHING you did as Shepard mattered a single bit! Thats just bullshit.
Fallout 3 was the followup to fallout 2?

Already explained in another thread.

Building up a series like ME or DA is not possible.

The first episode brings two fundamentally different endings (what is required to feel special, to feel that you, the player who wants to play an exceptional character, is the center of the universe), the second episode which is a direct continuation of the first episode, has to provide two fundamentally different versions else your choices do not matter. And it has to end with four fundamentally different endings.
The third episode then has to come in four fundamentally different versions.

Etc… Not sustainable.

Was easy to figure out before playing ME3. The ending had to be tasteless. Especially since Bioware looks like wanting to exploit more ME universe franchise.

In the games like BG, you got vague references to previous installments in the series. Nothing capital. Nothing like the continuity you could have expected from playing an hero dedicated arc.
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