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April 9th, 2012, 16:23
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I was pretty disappointed recently when I purchased Neverwinter Nights Complete from GG and discovered that I couldn't download the individual games separately.

The 1C pack is an incredible deal, but I'm not sure if I'd ever play most of those titles. I already have Cryostasis and the King's Bounty games, and nothing else there really interest me. Cryostasis is total crap btw.

I played the demo for Pathologic a while back and couldn't understand what the game was about. It didn't help that it had the worse English I've ever seen in a game.
You can usually tell how the download will work by how things are bundled together. If it is a single entry containing everything (like the Neverwinter Nights bundle or Alien Shooter bundle), then it will have to be downloaded all at once, if it is a bundle of several separate entries (like the HoI collection, or the 1C collection), then it will all be separate downloads.
And shame about Cryostasis, I thought it looked promising.

Pathologic is very much an Ice pick lodge game. Much like The Void, the game is intentionally confusing (though I would guess the poor translation has more to do with their limited budget), and you are meant to figure out things on your own, at a relatively slow pace. Much like The Void, it is a niche game, targeting a rather narrow niche.

I did not mean to say that Planet Alcatraz or A Farewell to Dragons were utter junk, I just listed the games that I've heard at least a fare amount of good things about. There are a few other games in there that looks interesting, but which I know nothing about, and thus did not feel like I could mention on the list.
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