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April 9th, 2012, 23:22
Originally Posted by wolfen View Post
This guy just doesn't get it.How they devised the game to be spiritual successor to BG but map placement is actually removed is beyond me.And then the game having silly rules just killed it for me.Wanna make a great game then get back the D&D license and use its yrs of "rules" that have been time tested in basements thuout the world for decades.Think TOEE here with amazing 3D graphics,great story line,great music,amazing paper dolls etc and your right on track.Sadly he just doesn't get it.I think they need to get the two main guys of zBioware to do this and it will succeed………
It's not so much that they don't get it. Given that consoles make a large chunk of their sales, they need to keep that audience in mind as well, and action-based combat plays better there. Sad but true, so I doubt you'll be seeing any more games from Bioware that reflect their style from back when they were a PC dominant developer.

On the plus side, the indie scene seems to be filling the void nicely. I've been impressed with some of the old-school types games coming out, hopefully the trend will continue. I'd love to see more games like Grimrock, that take an classic RPG gameplay style and give it a fresh coat of paint. Or Baldurs Gate/TOEE for that matter. (Never played TOEE, but looks interesting based on the listing on GoG)
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