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April 9th, 2012, 23:31
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
And that is why the older fans like me hate there new style. Look at any other pc orientated company out there they all abandoned what they once were to embrace the console market.

Nothing wrong with it but people like me just don't like there direction there going. Apparently though a few thousand lost sales is nothing to them when new fans salivate over every game they make.

Knowing that the fans nowadays will face the same problem 10 years from now make me giggle with glee. They can one day be ridiculed by the masses for once and told they don't get it. It's a cycle that repeats itself.
As an older gamer myself, I certainly know where you're coming from. In my case, I think I've come to expect Bioware games as cinematic action RPGs and enjoy them solely on that level. It certainly doesn't scratch my itch for new games in the Infinity Engine style, and I'd love to see more turn based RPGs, but I just don't expect them from Bioware.

The games industry is almost starting to mirror the movie industry - big studios make the blockbuster games that appeal to the wide masses, the smaller indie studios focus on niche tastes.
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