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April 11th, 2012, 15:02
Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post
I think it all comes back to same issue: sales/numbers. 3D graphic is a BIG thing in game market now days, so I don't think 2D pixelated Infinity Engine will appeal to general public/newer generation gamers. Also, probably will be available in PC only, ignoring other console platforms. (Unless, you meant no one picked up IE back in 2000-2003).
It is a big thing more for developpers than players.

The industry works on the idea of progress: present games are better than yesterday's game and will be poorer than tomorrow's games.

The major game feature that can fulfill that prophecy so far is graphics. it is the major one that has been progressing steadily.

Depriving oneself from that obvious element of progress is dangerous for game developpers. It will give them a taste of what to expect once graphics have peaked.

It means that progress has to come from other features like gameplay, a domain for which progress is much less assured.

Take a look at 2D games, the graphics have not evolved spectacularly during the last five years.
3d graphics, that is another story and will remain another story for a decade or more.
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