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April 11th, 2012, 14:53
Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post
I think it all comes back to same issue: sales/numbers. 3D graphic is a BIG thing in game market now days, so I don't think 2D pixelated Infinity Engine will appeal to general public/newer generation gamers.
Please don't forget that many online games ! hey do have 2D graphics and they are selling quite good ! Err … What is the equivalent of "selling" to online games, anyway ?

What I mean is that we have online games being some kind of "exile" of 2D graphics - and often cute one at that !

Just take a look at Age Of Empires Online, The Settlers Online etc. … Not to forget the many face book games.

3D online games are only MMOs - and LAN and otherwise connected shooter games, too.

But apart from that, 2D is currently "the weapon of choice" when it comes to relatively simple 2D games. Because 2D is still much easier to make and process than 3D.

Edit : Rayman Origins is another example.
It has even been published for the PC platform ! (Saw it a week ago.)
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