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April 11th, 2012, 17:11
I'm curious about the hype effect too. The people that are pumped on the game right now, will they still be pumped in 2 years? What if it takes 3? Also, let's say that Wasteland uses an engine that is already a year or two old. That means it'll be up to 5 years old on release. What effect will that have on new purchasers? I remember Might and Magic 8 tanked in sales compared to 7 and part of this was aged-engine related. Kickstarter basically means that a game will come close to breaking even, even if nobody buys it after release. However, that would be considered a disappointing failure by anyone who devoted 2+ years of their lives developing such a thing.

It's why I didn't back any of the kickstarters yet. It would have to be a game that I'm really excited about seeing get made. Wasteland 2 isn't that game, though I'm a potential customer at release.
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