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April 11th, 2012, 21:39
Originally Posted by TheSisko View Post
That is irrelevant, the people who are hyped right now have already paid for the game. Just being the 2nd big Kickstarter-funded game will ensure its eventual launch will be hyped and publicized.

I wasn't aware that any game could launch with a cutting edge engine. All games have development cycles. Many niche (not indie) games have lower budgets than Wasteland 2 will have and don't have cutting-edge graphics, yet sell plenty of copies.
Not irrelevant at all. See, word of mouth helps to generate sales. The purchasers that are hyped now, will they still be talking up the game two years from now? This a question that can't be answered yet, just asked.

Crysis seemed cutting edge to me. However, I get your point. I think they need to choose carefully if they decide to go with a pre-made engine. Some engines age better than others, as I noted about MM8. Fortunately, the whole graphics scene is moving much slower than in the past, so they might be safe.
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