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April 12th, 2012, 00:15
Good news for this game. I'm glad to see that even the mainstream press outlets are giving such a game - one which goes in quite a different direction from the usual mainstream tastes - a good impression. This might help open the doors for other unique but old-school-inspired projects.

I'd like to ask for some opinions from other watchers regarding an issue with this game: Unfortunately for me, the only truly old-school dungeon-crawler that I have played for a significant amount of time was Ultima Underworld (which is quite different in some ways when it comes to design compared to LoG). As such, I've never been able to "get into" party-based, first-person perspective dungeon crawlers - there's something illusion-breaking for me about having a party that you never actually see in the game world, having been introduced to party-based gameplay from games such as Jagged Alliance 2, Temple of Elemental Evil, Infinity Engine games, etc. and several of the best old-school dungeon-crawlers that inspired LoG have aged far too poorly to go back and play for the first time (in my opinion).

So with that being said, I have an open-mind and I was wondering if this game would be enjoyable for a "newcomer" - i.e., someone who never played this style of game "back in the day" but enjoys party-based RPGs immensely, not to mention the idea of an epic dungeon crawl along the lines of UU or Arx Fatalis. Thoughts?
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