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April 12th, 2012, 06:13
Originally Posted by Vindicator View Post
…but thanks to the evil Guardian (EA) the two engine game concept was scrapped.
I remember how excited I was for U8 to come out. I even bought a brand new Pentium 1 60MHZ computer just to play it on.

After playing U8, it started dawning on me must what it meant for Origin to sell itself to EA.

Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
I'm replaying them, UU2 for the 4th time so I simply switched games. I'll get back to them eventually, but I have heaps of unfinished replays on my task bar!!
Ah. I suppose I'm in the same boat. But I hate to stop playing a game before I'm finished all the way. It's like stopping pee-ing before you're done.
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