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April 12th, 2012, 18:11
Right now my party is chilling at level 7 and the gameīs been fun so far.

Personally Iīm most surprised (positively) by the amount of puzzles/secrets and how fairly varied these are, I didnīt expect such a puzzle driven experience .
Also, combat encounters arenīt overtly abundant which means the gameplay flow is very well balanced between the two major gameplay elements, the game is paced well.
I havenīt got stuck anywhere so far, but not all puzzles or combat situations were straightforward either, and it seems to be slowly ramping up further into the dungeon, which makes me think the last 1/3 of the game might be fairly devious (and that would be a good thing).

The game plays really smoothly thanks to well designed UI and good engine, looks very good and sound design, while sparse, is effective.

Canīt say much about character development since Iīm developing my party (minotaur fighter, insectoid mage, human figther and human rogue) in a fairly straightforward fashion, but Iīd say it works well for this kind of game - skill points arenīt plentiful and combat is reasonably challenging even on normal difficulty and that gives a solid amount of weight to skill point allocation even though the system itself is simple.

Itemization is good - no boring barely noticeable incrementals encouraging switching gear at every step and the best loot is usually a reward from uncovering an optional secret.

All in all, so far the gameīs been really good at what it is attempting to be.

Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
How about that backstabbing, how do you do that? do you have to run around a mob and trying to hit it before it turns?
Yes. Obviously not viable against faster enemy types on its own.
However, some spells might help with it. Thereīs one air spell which definitely seems like it should be helpful and I assume some ice spells slow down enemies (my only mage is putting points into earth, fire and spellcraft so I havenīt tried any of these).

Originally Posted by Frozen Fireball View Post
Got a question about the game. Is there any way to revive a playable character after he's dead?
Yeah, via those blue healing stones.
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