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April 12th, 2012, 22:22
News :

April 12, 2012

Get +100% Cannith Crafting deconstruction XP, now through April 15th!
DDO related :

- free item : "Remove negative levels potion x5" 1 per account - Coupon Code : HGR651
- 20 % more "crafting experience" this weekend
- 20 % off "mid level packs" - among which is VON. I think I'll taje it immediately.

Unfortunately I don't own almost every one of them, except "The Red Fens".

Direct link to the new DDO sales page : http://www.ddo.com/en/ddostoresale

I think I'm going to Lamannia as soon as possible to get the points from testing there !
Because - as I have written above - they are giving away points which can be used on *all* "live" servers for testing there ! - Which means that I'll be able to buy more adventure packs, then …

Apart from that they have been doing a new description page for the packs : http://www.ddo.com/ddostoreadventurepacks

It is even partially interactive ! You can click on the level's number of your toon, and the chart will highlight appropriate packs … Nice !

Edit : A short notice upon the upcoming Lammannia events :

Originally Posted by Cordovan
Yes! Stay tuned for details on times and dates of these events.
The "yes" is directed to "time zones" of people "across the pond".
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