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April 13th, 2012, 00:31
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
The "if you want to" isn't valid anymore (or it depends on the client version?). I had to create a "Live" account to play Batman Arkham Asylum last year. I couldn't play "offline" like I did in other GFWL games.
You didn't, I played Batman AA with an offline account fine- you might have had to scroll down slightly to see the offline account option, but it is there. I've now played half a dozen (?) Live games without a single problem, and all offline.

Certainly better than the outright moronism that is "you must be online to use offline mode!" you get from steam.

Originally Posted by DPB View Post
I'm surprised GFWL is still going, even Microsoft themselves don't seem to be too enthusiastic about it - the GFWL Marketplace program that comes with installations doesn't do much anymore, it just directs you to go to Xbox.com.
Live is going to be integrated into Win8 so it ain't going anywhere. All they've really done is amalgamate GfWL and Xbox Live into one product run by one group of people instead of having separate teams and products.
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