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April 13th, 2012, 08:00
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
I want one week without reading about a segment of gamers not happy vocalizing there loud opinions. Oh wait its the internet.

A petition has already been started, hoping to pressure Namco Bandai into not using GFWL. Within an hour of its publishing, the thing scored 600 signatures and at the time of writing that number is up to 2,560. One can expect it to climb over the next day or so.

The usual arguments over whether or not gamers are being entitled and spoiled have already started to brew. Seriously can't people accept what there given anymore. I'm reminded of the saying if you can do better be my guess and make your own game.

I'm disappointed by some games but I don't flood the internet with ultimatums and demand they change it. Breathe deeply and repeat after me it's just a game.
Let's not mistake what's going on here. They are not giving us a game out of the kindness of their hearts. They are selling us a game because they saw the opportunity to make some more cash after seeing the results of the petition.

They are not all of the sudden in love with pc gaming. If the petition had stopped at 20,000 we wouldn't have seen the game. It's all about the money. As a pc gamer i'm appreciative of them bringing it to pc but I don't owe it to them to shut up and buy whatever they want to give me.

As a business owner i'm they first one to support the right of companies to do whatever they want with their products but i'm also a consumer and would hate to see a world where consumers just lay down and accept what they are being given.Especially when it's being given to us for $59.99.
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