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April 13th, 2012, 12:16
Hi guys! A few answers to your questions:

vurt & Couchpotato: Actually, by that post on Inquisitor’s Facebook page I meant that we need to resolve that transfer of priest’s ingame text (which is completely translated already) to the characters of paladin and thief – all three characters share the majority of the ingame text, but there are some differences, like for example, most NPCs address the priest as a “father”, while the paladin as a “knight”, or the members of the clergy address the priest as a “brother”, while the thief as a “son” etc. These changes are a matter of some programming now, it shouldn’t be a difficult task (for a skilled programmer, of course) – all that our programmer lacks is enough time for that.

guenthar: The thing is that such a translation needs time and money, and if you are a small indie developer you don’t have much of either which means that you have to work on other projects continuously that will keep you running, and then some things take longer than if you had time just for them.

vanedor: Inquisitor is closer to Baldur’s Gate than to Diablo, really.
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