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April 13th, 2012, 17:15
Originally Posted by SadExchange View Post
I understand what you're saying and after putting in a multitude of hours in Path of Exile, they're basically two different games in the same genre. While I see POE as being all about immersion, I see Torchlight 2 as a hack n' slash loot fest to play through casually with your friends. It's the casual against the hardcore theory I believe.
Completely agree with this. Torchlight II is on a diferent market than PoE. Torchlight is basicaly a hack n' slash game more action oriented with gigantic loads of free loot to keep you motivated and now with random generated scenarios to keep the replayability fresh.

I see torchlight II as an action game to release daily frustrations in a fun but casual game. Its not a game i would dedicate dozens of hours with gamming passion per week like i would do baldur's gate or torment for example, but a game i would pick up ocasionaly just to have some mindless fun now and then and have raw unpreocupied fun.

Its cheap though, at $20 and inserted in this "casual action fun" category, i think the game is nearly perfect and briliant.

If you expect a game to change your life and be immersed for a full cold rainy week-end and daydream about it than forget it, its not made for that.
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