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April 14th, 2012, 00:35
Originally Posted by SubBassman View Post

Maybe the term lighthearted is misleading. That's why we uploaded some conversation examples. Please check them out. Sometimes it becomes funnier, sometimes it becomes more serious. In general, you'll get a special game experience…
If your writing and dialogues are some of your games' strengths, then you should emphasize this from the very beginning. These examples that you are referring to should be optional and should never serve as the means to provide the reader with new insight regarding the game. A potential backer will most likely only check out these examples if he or she is already properly motivated to do so. If they lack the motivation then the harm is already done.

It is for this reason that I stress the importance of the video and the associated first impression and to ensure that people know exactly what the strengths are of the game from the very start.

Why do you think so many people ask you for examples of what is already done? Well, you state on numerous occasions that a lot of work is already done yet it was never clear what exactly we are supposed to be getting so people ask you to show them. You show some stuff like pictures with dialogues trees, examples of stories, and some technical footage of the graphics. Of course, people need to take time to process this information and then decide for themselves if it is in accordance to their expectations. In other words, it seems like you expect people to do a significant effort on their part. With all due respect, it is marketing at its worst.

I have a simple question. Where in the entire Kickstarter proposal do you state clearly what experiences your game offers that we as players will not find in other games?
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