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April 14th, 2012, 01:40
Finished it (though I havenīt found all the secrets, just 62/71).

Iīve felt the game ran a bit out of steam in the last 3-4 levels, but it was a very fun experience overall.

Iīll be definitely on the lookout for the next Almost Human title.

Originally Posted by Ovenall View Post
The fighting sucks, this little gem is all about e proration and puzzles.
Yeah, exploration and puzzles are where the game really shines.
All those buttons and puzzle sequences without solutions provided on a silver platter were a massive breath of fresh air. Good variety and reasonable challenge.

I disagree that "the fighting sucks" though, because within the context of the (sub)genre it doesnīt in my opinion. More encounters designed to specifically test partyīs skills (aka where just circle strafing or back pedaling wouldnīt cut it) and more enemy immunities and special abilities wouldnīt hurt, but when it comes to general basics, Iīd say the game got it right.
The point of this type of real time combat is to blend seamlessly with the other activities like exploration, puzzle solving or inventory management and this maintains a specific kind of immersion, pacing and mix of challenges which define this particular genre.
But Iīd agree that when judging the gameīs gameplay elements in separation, combat certainly isnīt its strongest suit, puzzles are where itīs at.
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