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April 14th, 2012, 01:40
Originally Posted by SubBassman View Post
The screenshot I believe is catchy,
But what purpose does it have if people lose interest after a first impression of your project and won't be bothered to check out the rest?

Originally Posted by SubBassman View Post
the video is not stellar indeed, but informative ..
It doesn't give the right and relevant information. It doesn't tell anything about the type of game we are getting.

Originally Posted by SubBassman View Post
and the description and the updates give you enough information about the game. (including 2 other videos). The facts and the visual concepts are all there. Also, everybody finds different things important.
But only those willing to spend time to check out everything will have some idea of what to expect.
I think it is a mistake to assume that people will get the information for the sole reason that it is there to be absorbed and processed. You must consider it to be your job to ensure that the most relevant information is immediately transmitted with as little effort as possible at the receivers end.

I think that this project may have potential and it is not often that we get a satirical parody on RPGs so we might get a unique experience and be surprised pleasantly. On the other hand, in all honesty, I truly believe that your tactics in selling this project are bad and ineffective. I may come across as very blunt and direct but I do so with good intentions as I would like to see a new Kickstarter attempt but with a different approach in case the current attempt fails, which seems likely.
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