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April 14th, 2012, 17:00
It's only hard if you spent the experience points wrong you've gotten so far. At the beginning of the game it's very important to put all the first bronze points into strength and dexterity (the main level, not necessarily the secondary skills that are unlocked in each level of the tree), because these double the witcher's fighting abilities right away. Check the stats in the character screen. If these are the first points you spent and no other skills are selected, all these barghests are nothing but a joke. You destroy them as if you were the Terminator or something. Especially if you fight them in group style, because you'll hit most of them simultaneously. This way it often only takes seconds to dispatch whole groups. Vesna will never be hit.
Even the battle against the beast is super-easy if you spent the points right. I remember how hard it was for me to win this in my first playthrough. I was completely stunned how easy it was in my second. At first I had selected all kinds of alchemy skills because I thought they sounded interesting. But the Witcher needs to be a good swordsman first, because if there's one thing you can't avoid in this game, it's fighting monsters.
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