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April 14th, 2012, 18:09
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
However, I do find they overdid it with the puzzles. They start out great - but after playing for 2.5 hours, I'm starting to feel like I'm playing Portal. I hope they change it up a bit later on, because I'm not a big fan of constant puzzle solving. More story and exploration would be better. The amount of combat, however, is PERFECT.
Actually I want moar puzzles. But I wouldn't mind more exploration tucked in between
(I am actually asking for a larger game here. Above ground maps please )

Originally Posted by Frozen Fireball View Post
I like a good challenge and would retry as many times as needed to pass it, but when I pass it, I'm done with it. I don't want to repeat it again immediately and since you never know what you're expecting in a game ( especially RPGS when you play then for the first time ), I constantly save my progress.
Couldn't agree more with that. If a game is not killing me a few times per hour it is not doing it right and I lose interest (or play it once and forget it). I also replay my favorite games to death. But force me to constantly replay a long section of a game just because you will not let me save and I am starting to be seriously annoyed(*)… I believe that disabling save during combat though is something every RPG should do.

Allow me to save everywhere else please.

A good example of both worlds was the Witcher 2. It disabled saving in combat (good) but also did not allow you to save in some largish sections i.e the start of Chapter 2 on the Iorveth path. I must have died 6-7 times almost at the end of that section and mostly due to a bug on the controls that made Geralt focus on an enemy 30 meters away and jumping there with an unlucky click (and hence going outside the protective circle) forcing you to replay the whole section consisting of several separate combat set pieces… not good

(* I guess I should stay away from Dark Souls eh? pity because I recall enjoying Blade of Darkness pretty much back in the day)
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