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April 14th, 2012, 18:51
I prefer the path accompanying Iorveth. Roche is somewhat okay in my book too, but ultimately he is just a patriot who is loyal to a now dead king (and might be disposed of himself soon, depending on whom grabs power next), which puts his goals dangerously close to a fools errant. Roche also lost lots of sympathy with me, when he just attacks the group at the elven statue (where you have to choose between Iorveth and Roche for the first time) and starts killing everyone. I never like people who act first and think later. But that's certainly a predominant trait of Roche. He's basically the Jack Bauer of the Witcherverse. He doesn't use violence as a last resort (something Geralt does IMHO), but seems to think it's the only way to approach most situations.
With Iorveth however, he's in it for a vision, he is pursuing a worthy goal. He's fighting for a free Vergen, a kingdom in which all races can finally live in peace together - equal rights and all that, something entirely new and unprecedented in this world.
I didn't really trust him at first and just risked it, but I think the game definitely states that he is legit. One of the dreams the harpies stole, is his and we don't see him killing all humans or anything sinister like this, no - he's sitting in a home with food on the table, stuff like a musical instrument lying around and he's lit a fire in his chimney so it's warm and cozy. So that's what he actually wants, what he's looking for, what he's dreaming of… After seeing that, I was convinced that I made the right choice by backing him.
Geralt himself is a mutant, although he usually does everything to protect humans, he's mostly hated and despised by them. Even his only true friends are mostly outsiders and aren't really accepted by the general populace. After seeing Zoltan (someone who's frequently facing racism just because he's a dwarf, although he is really an okay guy) fighting for Vergen and starting to believe in this cause, I was quite happy, something that doesn't happen too often in the Witcher world where bad things happen most of the time. I also think that it is a common theme in the Witcher (books and games) that not everything that looks like a monster, really is one and that sometimes humans are the real monsters.
When I learned what Vergen was about and what they were trying to do there, I immediately felt that this was the place were I'd belong - or at least that this was the cause I had to be fighting for. It almost felt like betraying the Witcher and his friends, if I would not.
The Iorveth path was also the only way, to free the dragon from Philippa's influence, which is something else that I thought was important.
It felt like sacrificing too much, if I would instead just run around with Roche and yell "FOR TEMERIA". Something that was weird anyway, since the Witcher never struck me as a "patriot" at all, if anything I thought he was some sort of "internationalist", who lived by his own code and always applied that (instead of rules the current local rulers tried to enforce).
Saskia also struck me as the most deserving leader among all the rulers shown in the game. Foltest was the sole king I could like to a degree and he was already dead. When playing the Roche path, Saskia/Vergen fails and she stays under Philippa's influence… That was quite unsatisfying to me, despite all the really cool stuff that can happen on the Roche path.

Purely gameplay-wise I enjoyed both paths very much. Both have really good quests and characters. Every fan needs to play all two anyway!
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