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April 14th, 2012, 19:56
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
I guess I'm in the minority here. I'm not too thrilled with the whack-a-mole 2x2 combat system. And I think they went too far back in time. Games that were pure dungeon-crawling evolved (and were better) when they added towns, NPCs.
And please make the spell system easier to use! Let me select spells by name, and 'bookmark' them, my mage character is a super-genius, he should be the one knowing that Ice Cream Cloud is rune 3, 6 and 8… not me!
Yeah I even prefer the diablo model of town+dungeon (not the click-fest combat over exploration and hand-crafted puzzles etc. though) to the more one-note dungeon-only game worlds. Though, in terms of maintaining cohesive atmosphere, I think the Ultima Underworld model of small bastions of town-like encampments within the dungeon-world is probaby the best thing to contrast this with.

Still, for 15 bucks or less this has been a great buy for me and very enjoyable overall. Also, it is probably the appropriate level of ambition for a small debut title as it is. I would however like to see them perhaps try something that harkens back to Ultima Underworld more so in their next title.

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A good example of both worlds was the Witcher 2. It disabled saving in combat (good) but also did not allow you to save in some largish sections i.e the start of Chapter 2 on the Iorveth path. I must have died 6-7 times almost at the end of that section and mostly due to a bug on the controls that made Geralt focus on an enemy 30 meters away and jumping there with an unlucky click (and hence going outside the protective circle) forcing you to replay the whole section consisting of several separate combat set pieces… not good
I had some weird bugs in that game that cropped up in chapter 2 - mostly to do with not letting me save for extended periods of time. The first time it happened I ended up having to replay about 4 hours of game-play because it persisted in blocking my ability to save as though I were in combat and this extended all the way back to the start of the chapter. It would pretend to quick save and would actually auto-save, but I found the quick-save was not actually succeeding, manual save was blocked, and when I loaded an auto-save it the problem would persist. I'm pretty sure that's been fixed but man having to re-watch Geralt (being the oblivious albino that he is) making the dumb decisions he does in-between chapters and replay large sections almost made me quit playing when it cropped up.
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