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April 14th, 2012, 20:12
Yes I know we have another thread like this but I didn't find my answer there so I had to open a new one.

I've been playing Legend of Grimrock lately and to my surprise I really enjoyed it. I never was a big fan of this type of games (I had a try with Wizardry 8 but abandoned it after the first city) but LoG made me really curious to find out more so I thought I'd give M&M 7 a try. Several reasons for this: I heard it's more n00b friendly than M&M6, HOMM 3 is one of my fav. games ever and the already mentioned curiosity. So I started reading few things here and there about the game but the amount of info about it (spells, classes, items etc) seems to never end. So I decided to just start playing the game and discover everything on my own.

My main problem (and the reason why I made this topic) is the party creation. I usually roll with tank/rogue-thief/wizard/healer combination. Any specific things I should know about the party, races, stat allocation etc? I suppose that it's obvious about wizards having high int. and stuff like that but with such a great variety I'm afraid not to screw up my game even before starting by making poor decisions for my party.

Also I have the GoG version I wouldn't like to install any mods or stuff like that since it;s my first time playing it
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