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April 14th, 2012, 21:43
You must enable it first
Mouse Look

To enable mouse look set MouseLook option to 1.
Mouse look can work in two modes. The default mode is like in 3D actions and alternative mode is closer to World of Worcraft and similar games.
Here is my preset for 3D action mode: http://sites.google.com/site/sergroj…7MouseLook.rar

You can activate alternative mode by setting MouseLookUseAltMode option to 1 or by pressing Caps Lock if the CapsLockToggleMouseLook option is set to 1.
MouseLookChangeKey is used to temporary switch mode (turn off mouse look in normal mode or turn it on in activate mode). The mode is restured if you open any other screen.
MouseLookTempKey changes mode while you hold it. Best fit for alternative (WoW) mode.
MouseSensitivityX and MouseSensitivityY control mouse sensitivity. If you want, you can invert Y axis by making its sensitivity negative. Note that you can set values over 100.
MouseSensitivityAltModeX and MouseSensitivityAltModeY are similar, but used for alternative mode.
MouseLookFly option lets you fly up/down by pointing your view in the desired direction.
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