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April 15th, 2012, 12:10
I believe he was referring to the "place the game DESERVES to be" clause there.

I also believe that there's a possibility he's misinterpreting the intended tone of the phrase. It's possible that the author might have placed emphasis on "deserves" as I did in my quote above, which would imply that the whole PC platform WASN'T WORTHY of having such a fine game in the first place.

But it's also possible that there was no emphasis intended at all, and that the author merely believes the game is too good to NOT bring to consoles, to the mainstream audience.

Personal feeling was that the author was going for the latter (and I would agree: the game IS good enough that I feel it simply deserves to be seen by a mainstream audience), but I can VERY easily see how someone who already had the PC vs. Console war in their mind would interpret it the other way. That stupid platform war is like a miasma hanging over every single game-related piece of news on the internet, skewing opinions and warping perceptions all the freakin' time (which is ultimately why I believe these articles aren't mentioning too much of the PC side: all it's going to to is spark up the platform trolling on their own boards, and who in their right mind wants that?).

As for me… already preloaded.
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