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April 15th, 2012, 19:41
Originally Posted by jhwisner View Post
Wow - I refreshed the kickstarter page and the number actually went down a few hundred. First time I've ever seen a pledge total drop on a kickstarter project; granted it'll probably zip back up well above that the next time I check it.
I'm starting to regret my pledge as well, and I can see why people are backing out (or at least reducing their pledges).

Exclusive content for backers, pay more for a "special ability", pay more for DLC like features ("in game DocWagon")… This is the sort of shit you expect from EA, not some insignificant developer.

Look at how Brian Fargo react when asked to do similar stunts. I would probably be better of going back on my pledge to Shadowrun, using the money saved to up my Wasteland pledge.
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